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Fantagor Press Publishing History

In the early part of Richard Corben’s art career, he created his own fanzine comic called “Fantagor” and self-published the first issue in 1970. Subsequent issues were published either by Corben or by Last Gasp. For material he collaborated with writers he liked or he wrote and illustrated his own stories. Most of his time was spent working for other publishers, but publishing his own work gave him opportunities to experiment and strengthen his creative direction.

In 1986, Corben wanted to pursue independent publishing more seriously. He and his wife, Dona, gave Fantagor Press a fresh start with “Rip in Time.” To give “Rip” the best chance for success, it was created for an all-ages audience and did not contain nudity. Comics also suitable for children and teens were often much, much more financially successful than those created for adults only.

Being both artist and editor was exciting for Corben, but also demanding and
intense – especially with his high standards for the finished art while also creating commissioned covers and other projects that kept the electricity on. Dona also worked hard for the business managing the behind-the-scenes necessities of a small publisher.

Stories were contributed to Fantagor Press comics by other writers and comic artists – Jan Strnad, Bruce Jones, Rich Margopoulis, Tim Conrad, Del Barras, Raul Demingo, and others. Including comics by other creators helped to relieve the burden of production, but Corben was selective.

Mainstream trends in comics along with the dominance of bigger publishers created many challenges for Fantagor Press and independent comic artists. The work also continued to be intense, especially since Corben wanted to produce pages with beautifully modeled human figures and scenes. This made his artwork stand out, but it was time-consuming to produce and expensive to print.

In the 1990s they were struggling to keep Fantagor Press afloat financially, in spite of strong sales in Europe and Japan. They made the difficult decision to abandon color printing in the middle of a series, “Son of Mutant World”, starting with the third issue. Corben kept producing attractive and exciting artwork and stories, but forces beyond their control were hurting the business. Other commercial art jobs were still always financially necessary, yet doing them made it harder to keep up with the independent production.

“Richard Corben’s Art Book 1 and 2” were their most expensive projects, but they made no compromises on printing these books in color.

In 1994 they put Fantagor Press on hiatus, ending with “Horror in the Dark” and the unfinished “From the Pit.” Since then, “Odds and Ends” was published in 2009, which contained part 2 of “From the Pit.”

And now…more books have been announced…


Image of Richard Corben's comic book Den 2, Muvovum.

Den 2, Muvovum

Den and Kath’s bizarre journey in Neverwhere continues as they leave their floating island home for magical stones that can transport them back to Earth. Along the way, trouble arrives as the evil Queen seeks the stones for her own evil purposes, and Den’s friend is kidnapped and imprisoned in the horrific monster country known as Muvovum.

Den 2 Muvovum delayed due to unforseen printing issues.

In bookstores July 31, 2024!

Image of Richard Corben's comic book Den 3, Children of Fire.

Den 3, Children of Fire

Aliens flee their planet after a monster attack and crash-land near a sorcerer’s castle in Neverwhere. They must fight for survival and protect their egg and future kin at all costs from the many beasts, pirates, and other threats to their safety.

In bookstores September 10, 2024!

Imageof Richard Corben's comic book Murky World, cover artwork.

Murky World

In Murky World, Tugat the warrior wakes from a strange dream to find himself in a bizarre land populated by hungry deadlings, cruel necromancers, buxom cyclops, evil cults, and more as he sets off on a dangerous journey with his beloved horse Frix.

In stores May 2023!

Image of Richard Corben's comic book Den, Vol 1, Neverwhere, cover artwork.

Den 1, Neverwhere

Thrust into a bizarre fantasy world called Neverwhere, the muscular adventurer Den goes on an exotic adventure through ancient ruins meeting an evil queen, her sacrificial doppelganger, bizarre lizard men, giant insects, and more strange and dangerous madness in this legendary saga brimming with horror, magic, and violence.

In stores August 8, 2023!

Fantagor Press – All are out of print:

The Bodyssey
Brood 1 – Relativity
Rip In Time
New Tales of the Arabian Nights
Den comics
Mutant World
Son of Mutant World
Richard Corben’s Art Book 1
Richard Corben’s Art Book 2
Tales of the Black Diamond

Future Projects:

Den 2, Muvovum
Den 3, Children of Fire
Den 4, Dreams & Alarums
Den 5, The Price of Memories
Picturum, The Art of Richard Corben